Feed, Grow, Sustain Our Community

Special Announcement from PHA THRIVE!

Join us for our Fourth Annual Fundraiser! It will be an afternoon of fun, food and charity on Saturday, May 12th from 2-4 pm at the Independent Bar and Restaurant in Union Square, Somerville, to raise funds for Prospect Hill Academy THRIVE. PHA THRIVE is a grassroots volunteer effort by Prospect Hill Academy parents, staff, and friends to provide 2 meals a day to students who do not have regular access to food during weekends and school breaks.

Tickets will be available online (https://phathrivefundraiser.auction-bid.org/microsite/) or at the door, and are $10 for individual and $20 for families.


Welcome to Prospect Hill Academy THRIVE.

We are an organization devoted to eliminating food insecurity for the students of Prospect Hill Academy (PHA). Below, you’ll find an infographic where we lay out the problem and describe our sustainable food “backpack program”.  We are a grassroots organization that seeks to serve the needs of the community while being a part of it.

Join us in our mission and we can eliminate food insecurity together.

THRIVE Infographic

We partner with Food for Free receiving cases of fresh produce every week for students to snack on throughout the day.  We have received two supportive grants from MIT’s Community Service Fund to help us increase our impact and establish sustainable practices.

Now we need to develop and nurture a community of like-minded souls willing and able to help.  We need volunteers to help with food acquisition, delivery, repackaging and redistribution.  We need people who may not be able to donate time, but can donate money in an on-going way.  Even small amounts can have a big impact especially if sustained over time. Please find a link to Thrive on the Donate Now menu on the PHA website.

Please join our community of people who care about eliminating hunger at PHA!


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